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Shiplap Wall

Anita King

Matt added a shiplap wall to our new showroom space downstairs. 
Here is a quick how to and some pictures 

Matt got some 4x8 sheets (not sure what kind of wood) from Paneling Sales and they ripped them into 6" strips. He cut a few boards at 4' and 6' lengths for the first column to create a staggered look and tacked them up with a nail gun and glue to keep the boards from warping. He hot glued 2 quarters together for the horizontal spacing on the strips and 2 nickels for the vertical spacing. Matt started from the bottom of the wall and the top had a bit of a spacing when he was finished and he cut a piece of trip with a some special blade ( I'll have to double check what it was) to cover the top 3 inches or so. 

We had a bit of discussion about whether to leave the wall natural or to paint it white. =) The natural color won and although it wasn't my first choice I was tired of painting at this stage and decided it would be good for now. Maybe a winter or two and we can paint it white.