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Be sure to visit our family of stores while in Lancaster. Though each store carries similar products, each one has a unique theme and flavor.

Rainbow Trout


Rainbow Trout

Anita King


Many of you enjoy a walk to the deck to visit the fish pond when you come to see us. 

The fish are rainbow trout and we raise them just for fun. We have sold some to trout clubs and fishing derbies over the years. Currently we are not selling any because they have a gill disease. 

The pond is fresh water, much of which comes from the spring house on the south side of the pond. There are a few springs that bubble through out the pond. Approximately 500,000 gallons of water flow out of the pond every day. 

Take the time to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenic views on the comfy outdoor furniture we have set out for you. Save some bread for the ducks!