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3518 West Newport Road
Ronks, PA, 17572
United States


Be sure to visit our family of stores while in Lancaster. Though each store carries similar products, each one has a unique theme and flavor.



Ladies Night Out

Diane Burkholder

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”
― Luther Burbank
march 1-2.jpg
march 1-6.jpg

Susan Mayer from Divine Florals provided us with the most beautiful blooms for our Ladies Night Out. It was so much fun watching the flowers become bouquets. Some ladies made their own and others shopped and socialized while Lori made their arrangement for them. Yummy snacks were available to all and there were a few vendor stands to browse as well. We were so glad to host each one of you and we hope you come back again next time. Flowers really do brighten up the day for anyone who enjoys them and in the "middle of winter" they are extra special!! It was so much fun watching each of you enjoy your flowers. They certainly were gorgeous!

march 1-16.jpg
march 1-24.jpg
march 1-11.jpg
march 1-21.jpg
march 1-22.jpg
march 1-23.jpg
march 1-28.jpg
march 1-32.jpg
march 1-37.jpg
march 1-42.jpg
march 1-41.jpg
march 1-12.jpg
march 1-29.jpg
march 1-35.jpg

Happy Spring! It's right behind all of this snow....i know it is.

Cheddar Seasoned Pretzels

Diane Burkholder

If you have never tasted these pretzels you are completely missing out! They are so good, it is easy to eat almost a whole box in one sitting. I'm gonna post the recipe at the end so you can make them for yourself, but before you do that be sure to read through the tips from Anita. We recommend these pretzels as a snack for everything from a sports event to a ladies spa night. They are just that good. When you come to our store we serve them alongside coffee so you can snack while you shop.

march 2-32.jpg
march 2-35.jpg
march 2-39.jpg
march 2-47.jpg
march 2-41.jpg
march 2-44.jpg

The beautiful juice cups also from our store. The recipe is pictured below. If you are a non cooking person like me you will need some tips. Be sure to use the powder sour cream and onion POWDER. I know it says it there but i might be the kind of person to just go ahead and try the liquid sour cream. Another tip is to mix the oil and the sour cream and onion powder together before you mix in the other ingredients with the pretzels. Let us know how they turn out! And you can always buy them here and have them shipped to your home.

march 2-33.jpg

Sweet Treats Tour

Diane Burkholder

Maybe you never heard of a Sweets Treat Tour. There are different varieties and lots of locations in the world but this is what we did! We included five of the family stores, Kings Acres ( Salted Caramel Donuts) Kings Homestead  (Cupcakes) Kings Impressions (Cheesecake Bites) King's Kountry Korner  (Oreo Truffles) Metal and Crate (Chocolate Covered Strawberries), and the treat they served. The Cupcakes were made by Sweet Shenanigans and the donuts by M&A Sweets. Everything else was made in house! SOOOOOOO good. We also held a drawing. As you visited your first store you received an arm bracelet and a sheet for stamping. If you stamped your sheet full indicating you visited all five stores you were eligible to win a $125.00 gift card for any of the stores participating. This event was also a fundraiser for the Allegany Boys Camp in Oldtown, MD.

If you missed us this year, watch out for 2019. This is an annual event!

 Some of the most scrumptious cupcakes in all the world right here!! By: Sweet Shenanigans of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Some of the most scrumptious cupcakes in all the world right here!! By: Sweet Shenanigans of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.


Congratulations to

Scott from Hanover for winning the $125.00 drawing!

Some Springtime News

Diane Burkholder

A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.
— Emily Dickenson

There is a lot of things to discuss today so follow along carefully. One of our goals here at King's Homestead is to encourage you to join us in our community events. Lancaster County is not a huge area and we have lots of exciting town and city events but we are talking about the events in the country that the locals and home grown Lancaster county people like to go to. The number one and number two places are listing today and are completely opposite.

First off we have The Gordonville Mud Sale. I remember going to this sale with my best friend as a little girl and helping out with the kitchen work. My memories include tons and tons of people, lots of really good food, and yes, lots of mud. It is called the Mud Sale for a reason. I'm going to link the article here, because it is their 50th anniversary this year! Congratulations, Gordonville, for being the first in your class!

Second of all we have The Sight and Sound Theatre. Any and all local business owners are encouraged by S&S to attend all the shows so we can share with visitors how great they are. Would i go see the new show? Yes! "Jesus" is coming to town! This show is going to be epic and will speak to your heart, and I'm excited to see it. Follow the link below to see more information about Sight and Sound and all that they have to offer.

 Did you know the Homestead stocked three kinds of real eucalyptus this year? Also real dried lavender!

Did you know the Homestead stocked three kinds of real eucalyptus this year? Also real dried lavender!


One more thing. We have outdoor furniture called Polywood Furniture. It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and if your thinking of purchasing a set from us NOW is the time to do it. Our turn around time is light years faster right now than it will be later in the year. A tip for you and a link to check it out!

Lancaster County Sweets Tour

Diane Burkholder

Lancaster County Sweet Treats Tour.jpg

Join us the Saturday before Valentines for a Sweet Tour around Lancaster County.

Celebrate spring with a sweet tour through four of our favorite retail establishments in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. On February 10, grab a friend (or two! or three!) and enjoy a day of shopping and sweets as you explore Kings Acres, Kings Homestead, Kings Impressions, and Metal and Crate. Each retailer will feature a different sweet treat created by local bakeries. Start at any of the five locations and make your way through Amish Country one delicious bite at a time.

Kings Acres - Salted Caramel Donuts
Kings Homestead - Cupcakes
Kings Impressions - Cheesecake Bites
Metal and Crate - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ticket Includes:

  • A scrumptious day of springtime shopping in Amish Country with Five sweet treats from local Lancaster County bakeries.
  • A Sweets Tour Wristband (available at your first stop) that will serve as your “admission ticket” as you visit each retailer
  • Drawing for a gift basket which includes a $25 gift card from each location

Proceeds from the Sweets Tour 2018 go to Allegany Boys Camp in Oldtown, MD

This is a self-guided food tour taking place during the regular business hours of each retailer. Start at whichever location you like!

Kings Acres
2919 Lincoln Highway East
Ronks, PA 17572

Kings Homestead
3518 West Newport Road
Ronks, PA 17572

Kings Kountry Korner
101 Centerville Road
Gordonville, PA 17529

Metal & Crate
2853 Lincoln Highway East
Ronks, PA 17572


Follow this link for more info!

Wintertime updates

Diane Burkholder

Hey everyone! We are excited to show you a little bit of what has been going on here at the homestead. First of all, Anita, has been away shopping for the past week. While she has been gone, she has left a long list of chores for the painters to complete before she gets back! Don't worry, they will still be painting when she gets back, but it is starting to look really great in the showroom! They have mostly been repainting the ceiling white but also some of the walls are getting a good going over.

week 2-17.jpg

nice white ceilings

fresh paint

week 2-18.jpg

Dark Green

is becoming white

week 2-23.jpg

a little bit of a mess

but not for long!

week 2-24.jpg

Come see us soon! We can't wait to show you around!

Greenhouse List 2017

Anita King


Fisher’s Greenhouse

311 N Star Rd, Strasburg,  Pa 17579   P:(717) 687-8720

This is our most recent found greenhouse located near Sight and Sound with reasonable prices and lots of variety. Our favorite place to buy succulents.

Hess Greenhouse

302 Hess Road, Leola, PA 17540

This is a small Amish greenhouse with very personable staff, they are one of Miriam’s favorite greenhouses (along with Fishers) They are only open until June so make a trip soon.

Hilltop Gardens

32 S Belmont Rd, Paradise, PA 17562

I stopped by here for the first today. They are have great assortment of vegetables and flowers. And they also had a bunch of potting soil outside. 

Horst Greenhouse

1194 E Earl Rd, East Earl, PA 17519 • 717-354-4825

This greenhouse has good quality plants and we like them for their houseplants. They have a nice variety of house plants and other plants. 

Ken’s Garden

3552 W Newport Rd, Ronks, Pa 17572   P:717-768-3922 

The most frequented greenhouse due to it’s locality, but more than that, they always have the friendliest staff paired with a beautiful variety in household plants, shrubs, and bushes.

Rohrer Seeds

2472 Old Philadelphia Pike, Smoketown, Pa 17576

A great place to buy your seed and bird feed. This is where Miriam buys mealsworms to feed “her” blue birds.

Shenk’s Greenhouse

2199 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pa 17602

This is the best place to buy vegetable plants and herbs at the best price (except for maybe roadside stands).