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Ice Cream Party

Diane Burkholder

Every once in a while, if you are watching carefully, we like to throw a party. The Ice Cream Party is one of our favorite. Neighbors and friends and anyone who cares to partake all gather at The Homestead for Lapp Valley ice cream. The best this county has to offer. Served up with delicious waffle cones, that everyone loves, except for the fish and ducks, they prefer their own food. There are so many adorable children around here and Les loves to help them feed the fish by getting as close to possible, as you can see by the open gate! He promised to watch them closely but somehow Jaxon, my little guy in the red shirt, threw his ice cream in the water. That is how we know the fish and ducks are not super fond of ice cream. We had such a great time! This space is perfect for kids and keeps them well protected from the water as long as Les doesn't ope that gate!

Week 3-1.jpg
Week 3-26.jpg
Week 3-24.jpg
Week 3-19.jpg
Week 3-21.jpg
Week 3-10.jpg
Week 3-9.jpg
Week 3-13.jpg
Week 3-6.jpg
Week 3-14.jpg
Week 3-4.jpg
Week 3-3.jpg
Week 3-16.jpg

Are they not the cutest babies you've ever seen? We had a great evening! Keep a watch our for all future parties at The Homestead by keeping a close eye on our social media accounts!