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3518 West Newport Road
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Be sure to visit our family of stores while in Lancaster. Though each store carries similar products, each one has a unique theme and flavor.


Intercourse Heritage Days

Diane Burkholder

I don't get to many of the events in Lancaster County. There are events in the city events in the country and events based on venues and cities and special days of the year, there are a lot of them. The events that i do like to go to are the ones with all the food. I don't know why it is but we have so much great food around here. If you go to an even that is hosting food you can trust it will be good. Delicious. Scrumptious. All the other details fall by the side.


If you are looking for a little something to do this weekend. Visit The Heritage Days of Intercourse, Pennsylvania! I promise you will find something there that you love. The food will most likely be your favorite feature but i think you will also find some friendly faces to meet.